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Short Brief

When the pandemic came, many public facilities in my country were closed, including kindergarten. Because of this, kids in kindergartens can't study as usual.

As we know, in kindergarten, kids learn while playing. So, it helps their motoric and sense growth. But, pandemics make their lost access to a better studying environment.

Some kids play with their phones rather than study when they spend their time at home. It's become their parent's concern that will disturb their growth.

Based on that problem, I'm trying to make a product that will help kids study but still in fun ways.


I created this project for the Alibaba Cloud Re-Cloud challenge 2021 submission, and the challenge's theme is fun and productive.


January - February 2021

My Role


Design Process


In this project, I'm trying to solve the problem kids and parents in Indonesia face during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Referring to what I said above, I'm trying to make a product to help kids learn/study something during a pandemic with a playful learning method. The first idea is to develop video game-based learning products as a medium for kids.

I research to validate ideas to ensure they are relevant to the user and market. And here is the result that I found :

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